How To Find A Good Bed And Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is an ideal place to stay when you travel because you get the home comforts of a wonderful room with a good breakfast in the morning. The only problem is that not all bed and breakfasts are actually good. There are some that offer an amazing experience while others offer you and experience you would rather forget all about. If you are thinking of staying at a bed and breakfast then you need to know how to find the best ones. We asked Naomi George to provide us the following tips. For tips on how to make the night one to remember, visit

Ask Friends And Family

The best way to find a good bed and breakfast is to ask people you know about where they have stayed.  If your friends and family have stayed at a bed and breakfast where you are going then you should ask them about their experience. Those close to you will be able to determine if the bed and breakfast would be right for you because some owners are more friendly than others and this could work for some people and not for others.  

The Location

If you do not have any referrals for a bed and breakfast then you should start looking at locations. It is possible that there are only going to be a handful of bed and breakfasts where you are going.  This will narrow the number of places you will need to research. You should create a list of bed and breakfasts that are in the location that you want to visit. 

Look At The Cost

Once you have a list of B&B’s in the location that you are going to you should look at their costs. The costs of a B&B will vary depending on the person running the establishment and what they are offering. Some can be very affordable while others can appear to be greatly overpriced. You need to see which of the B&B’s on your list are within your travel budget and disregard the ones that are outside of it. 

The Breakfasts On Offer

One of the attractions of a bed and breakfast is the fact that you will be getting breakfast in the morning. The cost of this will generally be included in the price of the room and you will very rarely find a reputable B&B that charges extra for breakfast. To find out more about the breakfast you will need to look at the B&B listings. Some owners will list what they offer for breakfast, but many will not. 

The best place to find this information will be in reviews of the bed and breakfast. If the food is good then people will talk about it. However, if the breakfast is bad people will also be quick to state this in their reviews.  

Look At Online Reviews

Once you have your list of bed and breakfasts and have narrowed it down based on costs you should look at reviews. This is the best way to tell if a bed and breakfast is going to offer you a good stay. There are certain points that you will need to look for in the reviews to establish the service that is provided. 

The first is to look at what people have to say about the owner. Unfriendly owners could make your stay at the bed and breakfast very uncomfortable. However, many people find that over-friendly owners are also a problem if they do not want to talk to them. The responsiveness of the owner should also be considered. 

You should then look at the ambiance of the bed and breakfast.  Most bed and breakfasts are converted homes where you have a single room and have to share a bathroom. However, there are some bed and breakfasts that offer ensuite bathrooms and you should consider this. Of course, these B&B’s will generally have a higher cost which needs to be considered.